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solid waste success

We like to think we have happy residents who love living in Port Moody. In 2012 it was confirmed! Ipsos Reid released a survey showing that 99% of Port Moodyites rated their quality of life in the City to be "very good" or "good". This same survey told us 81% of citizens believe it is important for us to be an environmental leader...and we agree! This is why we want to show you how Port Moody is leading the way with our waste management.

port moody's waste management success

There was a time long long ago (ok..early 2000s) when we contracted a waste collection company to pick up our garbage. This was not popular with our residents. A 2008 survey pointed out that 81% of households had issues with missed pick-ups and more than a 1/3 of residents said the contractor misplaced or lost garbage cans, lids and/or recycling containers. Soon after this survey came out we brought all waste collection in house so we could better control and monitor the quality of the service.

port moody's waste management success

Now that City of Port Moody staff were back in charge of waste collection, we saw satisfaction increase in our service. Success! We then turned our attention to green waste and recycling. From 2008 to present we have seen HUGE decreases in the amount of garbage being collected and sent to the dump while seeing HUGE increases in collecting and better managing our green waste. More success! By having full say over our processes of waste management we were able to make big improvements from the days of contracting out with both resident satisfaction and becoming more environmentally focused.

port moody's waste management success

So how do our waste management programmes measure up against Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD), provincial and national averages? According to Stats Canada, MVRD and our own studies, we are leading the way! We currently have only 25% of our city's waste end up in the landfill - which means we have a 75% diversion rate.  MVRD has set a goal of 70% diversion by 2015 and we have met this goal almost three years early! It is difficult to make direct comparisons between facts and figures from different years and different areas of Canada, so we have provided links to the data we have used. What's next? We work towards the 2020 goal of 80% diversion...and we will share that success story too!

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Last updated: 05/09/2013 2:23:25 PM