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Coat of Arms

Our City has an official coat of arms that is loaded with symbolism. A stag and a cougar hold a shield above the inlet, symbolic of the area's wildlife. Above the shield is a castle, emblematic of Port Moody's designation as a city, and above that is a bandtailed pigeon, a rare local bird. On the shield is a miniaturized economic history of the area: trees for the forest industry, tracks for the railway, and a clipper ship for the early port. If you look closely at the stag and cougar, you'll see a collar of maple leaves, meant to imply Canada. You'll also notice a salmon around the neck of the stag, representing the original Coast Salish settlers, and a railroad spike on the cougar.

The crest is used by mayor and council. The police department uses a variation of the crest for their branding.

Port Moody logo

Port Moody’s half-disk logo was created in 1995 by the economic development committee. Two versions were developed – one using blue and green and a second version in black and white (no grey tones). In 2001 Port Moody adopted the ‘City of the Arts’ slogan and this tag was added to the logo.

In 2004 a wordmark was created as an alternative to the logo. The wordmark is simpler and less complex than the logo and is used in situations where the full logo would be impractical, such as embroidered clothing. The logo and wordmark can also be used in conjunction with one another.

In the 1970s a triangle-shaped logo was developed that featured a ship and a train. Earlier a shield design was used by a variety of departments.



 old logotriangle logo

Permission to use logo or wordmark 

Port Moody’s crest, logo and wordmark are all registered trademarks of the City of Port Moody.

The coat of arms is for the exclusive use of Port Moody’s mayor and council. Permission to use the coat of arms by City of Port Moody departments is at the discretion of council.

Unauthorized use of the logo and/or wordmark by organizations, societies, companies, etc. other than the City of Port Moody is not permitted. Permission to use the logo and/or wordmark is granted only for initiatives where the City of Port Moody has agreed to participate as a sponsor or partner.

Permission to use the logo and/or wordmark must be made in writing to the Communications Division. 

Port Moody Flag

Port Moody’s flag is based on the official crest.

Originally coloured bars represented different city departments, however the blue version is now used exclusively.
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