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The City of Port Moody offers green waste/ organics recycling services to residents and local businesses. The volume of green waste is growing, while the need for garbage collection is diminishing. Garbage is collected every other week in Port Moody and green waste is collected weekly. 

We set you up with a cart, then take away your green waste on a weekly basis. We have a low annual fee, and reducing your garbage reduces your costs. All requests must be approved by the property owner.

There are two sizes of carts available - 120 litre and 240 litre.

For more information call 604-469-4742 or email or fill out an application form.

 These items can go in your green waste cart
 Fruits & vegetables   All spoiled food 
 Meat, fish, bones                     Grass clippings
 Dairy or eggshells Branches up to 4” round
 Coffee grounds & filters           Leaves, weeds, clippings
 Tea bags & leaves House plants
 Oil, butter, sauce, dressing      Pizza boxes, with food
 All food-soiled papers like paper plates, towels and napkins


Green Waste FAQ

Where does the organic material go for composting?
How do I start?
How do I store food waste?
How do I keep my cart clean?
How do I keep bears away?
How do I request additional carts?
Are Braille decals available?
Where can I take large quantities of yard waste?

Additional Resources
Fast facts

Where does the organic material go for composting? 

Materials collected at the curbside are disposed of at Renewi's Surrey Biofuel Facility.

How do I start? 

If you’re a Port Moody resident who receives green waste collection service from the City, start using the curbside organics program immediately. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Keep a container, preferably one with a lid under your sink or other convenient place in your kitchen. Examples of containers include large margarine, ice cream or potato salad tubs, or five gallon buckets. Paper food waste bags ,or compostable paper bins work great too.
  2. Put food scraps/waste into the green waste container instead of into your trash. Make it even easier by first wrapping scraps in newspaper or putting them in a recyclable paper bag - grocery, potato, flour or sugar bags.
  3. Empty the container into your green waste cart.

How do I store food waste?

  • Put kitchen waste in a paper bag. When the bag is full, you can put it directly into your green waste cart.
  • No plastic bags (not even compostable or biodegradable plastic-type bags) should go in your green waste cart as these bags don’t break down completely and will ruin the compost instead.
  • Use a container with a lid to store kitchen waste. Your container can be metal, plastic or ceramic. Empty the contents into your green waste cart, rinse and reuse the container.
  • Put kitchen waste in a container or wrap them in paper and store in your refrigerator or freezer until your collection day.

How do I keep my cart clean?

  • Line the green waste cart with a large paper kraft bag (available at local hardware stores). These are traditionally used for yard waste collection or layer newspaper at the bottom on your green bin.
  • Wrap food scraps in newspaper or used paper towels.
  • Place food scraps in a recyclable paper bag before adding them to your green waste cart (if your cart isn’t lined with a large kraft bag).
  • Rinse your green waste cart periodically with a mild detergent or water & vinegar solution.
  • Food scraps can be layered in with your yard trimmings.
  • Eliminate fruit flies or maggots by sprinkling in a thin layer of salt or vinegar.

How do I keep bears away?

  • Keep your green waste cart in a secure location such as your garage until your collection day.
  • Do not unclip your bear locks or put your cart at the curb before 5:30 am on your collection day.
  • Freeze food waste that is odorous. Tip: Eat fish and foods that have stronger smells the day before collection day. 

How do I request additional carts? 

Fill out the online application form. Charges will apply to the following collection year. 

Are Braille decals available?
The City of Port Moody provides Braille decals to assist sight-challenged residents with recycling, organics diversion, and garbage separation. Each decal is labelled as follows:

G: garbage
R: recycling
O: organics (green waste)

Residents can call the Operations Call Centre at 604.469.4574 to make a request, and staff will attend and affix the decals for the resident at no charge.

Where can I take large quantities of yard waste?

Take large quantities of yard waste to the Coquitlam Transfer Station, 995 United Blvd, Coquitlam, 604.681-5600. Straight food waste is not accepted here.

Additional Resources

Metro Vancouver developed an interactive webpage — — in partnership with WRAP, a UK-based organization. This is designed to reduce food waste, which is a large part of the garbage stream. Within the site, people can go on and find food facts such as how to make food last longer, truth about expiry dates, food storage types and conditions, recipe sharing, ways to reduce your grocery bills, and shop smart. It also displays baseline data on how much food is wasted every day.

Fast facts

  • Green waste is collected weekly the whole year round. See our Waste Collection Schedule for details.   
  • On your collection day, set your carts at the curb by 7:30am. The lid on your cart needs to shut completely.
  • Remember that no plastic bags (including biodegradable or compostable bags with a plastic feel) should go into your green waste carts
  • Paper shopping bags, newsprint, and paper food waste bags or paper bins work well to wrap and put food scraps in.
  • Lining your carts with kraft paper bags (large yard waste bags) also helps keep your cart clean.
  • Unclip your bear locks before setting your cart out
  • Christmas trees are not recycled by the City. Check local papers or website for Christmas tree recycling and chipping opportunities.


Composting reducing the material to humus, a nutrient-rich soil that can be added to lawns, gardens and planters. Read more about composting, or buy a composter at the Works Yard for $35. 

Garburators waste water and energy - compost instead!

The City of Port Moody, along with Metro Vancouver, encourages residents to resist the convenience of garburators. Composting uses far less water and energy then a garburator.




kitchen and yard waste cart

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