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Stream stewardship is a term which we hear often these days but not everyone understands the concept. Stream stewardship is the management of urban streams, streamside vegetation and watersheds to support the production of fish and insect life for present and future generations. Fish are an important natural resource in British Columbia and the success of this resource is dependent upon our ability to manage and protect it into the future.

The following list describes the six basic requirements for freshwater habitat and fish production:

  • Cover - vegetation to shade from excessive sunshine, roots to protect against erosion and large woody debris for safe hiding from predators;
  • Food - insects are the primary source of food along with plant material and algae;
  • Stream Bottom or Substrate - clean stream bottoms are essential for fish spawning and egg survival;
  • Water Quality - clean, cool, well oxygenated water;
  • Water Quantity - rainwater runs off developed land faster than natural areas causing higher flows during storms and lower flows in the summer due to the reduced storage capacity of developed lands;
  • Access - fish are programmed to return to their spawning streams to reproduce and improperly designed culverts may prevent fish from returning to these sites.

 The City responds to incidents which may compromise water quality in receiving waters and ensures that measures outlined in our watercourse protection bylaw are being followed.

Attention to these values will encourage land development which does not diminish our fish resources. The gentle sound of many streams flowing through our community and the vast number species which make them their home, improves the quality of urban life for us all.

For more information contact Environmental Services  604.469.4610

Last updated: 03/04/2014 11:12:57 AM