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 These items can go in your garbage cart  
Worn and unusable clothing & footware                Unrecyclable plastics
and household metals 
Pet waste and cat litter                  Styrofoam (can go to a depot)
Zipper lock bags, potato chip or snack bags Laminated or stretch plastic  for meat/cheese packaging
Sanitary waste                               Diapers                                          Broken Dishes

Overstuffed carts
Upsizing your cart
Downsizing your cart 
Fast facts
Don’t trash your unused items

Overstuffed carts

The City can’t collect overstuffed waste carts, or carts where the lid is kept open by too much waste. The 120 litre garbage cart limit is what can be contained within the cart with the lid closed. Overstuffed carts cause problems because:

  • Excess waste can indicate that your household is not diverting all recycling or green waste.
  • They attract birds and animals, which go after garbage. This causes a mess in front of your home.
  • The drivers can’t lift an over-filled cart with the truck’s automated arm without spilling onto the road.
120 litre garbage cart
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  • Upsize your garbage cart 
  • Downsize your garbage cart    
  • 2019 Waste Collection Schedule  
  • Metro Vancouver banned items 
  • Metro Vancouver Recycles 
  • If your household is finding it difficult to manage a 120 litre cart every two weeks, request a 240 litre cart for an additional annual fee.

    Large quantities of garbage
    Coquitlam Transfer Station, 1200 United Blvd., Coquitlam. 604.681.5600. Charges apply.  

    Upsizing your cart

    Home owners can upsize their garbage cart from the 120L standard issue to a 240L cart. A one-time $50 administration fee is charged for upsizing your cart and a pro-rated disposal charge is also applied for the number of months the larger cart is in service. The additional charges will added directly to your utility bill.

    Downsizing your cart

    Home owners can also downsize their garbage cart from the 240L size to a 120L cart at any time. Requests are received year-round and there are no administrative charges to downsize your cart.

    Broken or lost carts are dealt with at all times during the year. Email us, or call 604.469.4574 to report any damage.


    Pack-Out Service
    If you can't move your carts due to physical challenges, and don't have anyone to help with household activities, apply to the City for assistance. Call the Works Yard at 604.469.4574 for more details. _________________________________________________________________________

    Large Item Collection

    Remove or dispose of large items with our pay-peruse system:

    • Contact Emterra Environmental Ltd. at 604.635.0997.
    • Identify yourself as a Port Moody resident and request a large item pick up.
    • Put your item(s) out on the scheduled pickup date before 7am.
    • Pay Emterra Environmental as directed by their staff at time of booking.
      Furniture (no items with glass mirrors or doors) $75 each

    Cost per item:

    • Appliances, including stoves, washing machines & dishwashers (no items containing CFC’s) $50 each
    • Toilets $35 each
    • BBQ grills - propane tanks must be removed $35 each
    • Push mowers - oil & gas must be removed $35 each
    • Mattresses & box springs - must be dryand relatively clean $40 each
    • TVs, desktop computers, terminals and monitors, desktop printers, fax machines,
      DVD & VCR players $35 (up to three items) 


    Braille Decals Now Available!

    braille tag

    The City of Port Moody is excited to provide Braille decals to assist sight-challenged residents with recycling, organics diversion, and garbage separation.

    Each decal is labelled as follows:

    G: garbage
    R: recycling
    O: organics (green waste) 

    Residents can call the Operations Call Centre at 604.469.4574 to make a request and staff will attend and affix the decals for the resident at no charge.

    Fast facts

    • 120 L garbage carts are the standard size issued by the City and should be sufficient for the average family if you use your recycling and green waste carts.
    • On your collection day, set your carts at the curb no earlier 5:30am and no later than 7:30am. Cart lids must close completely.
    • Remember to unclip the bear-resistant locks on this cart.

    Don’t trash your unused items 

    If you’re cleaning house, don’t trash your unused items. Give new life to your unwanted objects by donating them to a local charity.

    (Administrative fees apply*)

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