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In April 2014, Ipsos Reid phoned 400 random Port Moody residents to ask about various issues including, quality of life, financial planning, services and communications. Here's a sampling of what they found:

Quality of Life

98% graphic - top part

high fivingNearly all residents spoke positively about the quality of life in Port Moody. In fact, 68% of those polled rated their quality of life today as “very good”, which is 24% higher than what’s typically found in other B.C. municipalities.

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Nine in ten residents are satisfied with how the City is running the community. This response hasn’t significantly changed from when we last did the survey back in 2012.

Residents have conflicting views on the impact growth and development has had on the community. It’s cited as a reason why quality of life in Port Moody has both improved and worsened.
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94% satisfied with the levels of serviceCity Services and Value for Taxes 

The vast majority of residents are satisfied with the overall level and quality of services. Overall service satisfaction is also higher among those with children under the age of 18 living at home.

Port Moody residents are more likely than those living elsewhere in B.C. to believe they receive good value for their municipal tax dollars. 51% of those polled would rather increase taxes than see existing services cut, and 1/3 support the City going into debt to help finance new amenities.

 Financials - value for tax dollars, service levels and debt financing

Key Issues

Top of mind issues

When asked an open ended question on what the most important community issues were, nearly four in ten citizens mentioned transportation-related issues, while 1/4 mentioned subjects related to growth and development. These two topics dominated the public issue agenda.


email rejiggedFour in ten residents identified email as the best method for the City to communicate. However, preferences vary by age, with older residents wanting traditional print communication and younger residents interested in electronic methods.

enviro issue rejigged 82% of citizens think it’s important for the City to be a leader in protecting the environment, even if doing so increases their municipal taxes. This includes 44% saying “very important”

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